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Premium High Carbon & Coated Disc Brake Rotors



OE Standard

High-Carbon Alloy

Innovative Coating Paint

Concentric Grooves

Designed to match OE fitment and quality specific to each individual vehicle. 

Ensures superior braking performance and durability thanks to the nature of high carbon alloy engineering. 

Used to protect the brake disc rotor from rust and maintain the aesthetic appeal of the brake system. 

Developed to enhance brake pad bedding, these concentric grooves eliminate brake system noise and vibration. 

Ecobrex Premium High Carbon & Coated Disc Brake Rotors are manufactured from high carbon alloy material yielding superior braking performance and durability. Exceptionally strong and durable with an added coating makes these rotors less susceptible to rust, maintaining their overall aesthetic appeal.
Ecobrex Premium High Carbon Disc Brake Rotors are designed to limit brake system noise and vibration through enhanced brake pad bedding to ensure an easy-on-the-ear ride.

ECOBREX Universal Brake Rotors.png
Premium Disc Brake Rotors



Precise OE fitment and specifications make these rotors the ideal fit for your vehicle. 

Provides consistent surface hardness variation to deliver optimal braking performance. 

Reinforces distortion resistance and greatly improves noise reduction and stopping power when braking. 

Limits overheating of the brake rotor which ultimately improves the durability and reliability of the entire brake system. 

OE Fitment and Specifications 

G3000 Cast Iron Material 

Optimal Heat Dissipation 

Air Flow Cooling 

Ecobrex Premium Disc Brake Rotors line dictates the aftermarket trends with first-to-market applications for a variety of part numbers and industry-wide coverage. The key features of Ecobrex disc rotors include enhanced corrosion protection, reinforced distortion resistance and greatly improved noise reduction when braking. 
Ecobrex Disc Brake Rotors are made from G3000 cast iron material providing a consistent surface hardness variation in order to deliver the optimal braking experience. Ideally durable for high-performance vehicles, and impressively reliable for everyday driving or protection against the harshest of elements.



Ecobrex Brake Disc Rotor
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