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Ecobrex© is a proud American brand located in Texas, USA, supplying aftermarket automotive parts internationally. Ecobrex adheres to international safety standards and certifications by producing premium quality eco-friendly brake pads, disc rotors, filters, and steering/suspension. Ecobrex provides superior customer service, distributor program, flexible pricing, custom marketing, and global deliveries.

What Ecobrex Does

Ecobrex sets the standards and trends in the highly dynamic automotive aftermarket parts industry, always staying a step ahead of the competition. Using the latest cutting-edge technologies, impeccable design processes and precision, Ecobrex proudly supplies products adhering to the highest standards, ensuring both quality and safety. 

The Ecobrex Mission

To deliver precision and top quality products through ensuring safety and durability, and provide affordable solutions through ground-breaking manufacturing processes and innovation in the distribution networks. Ecobrex aims at creating the ultimate experience for all customers and clients through continuous efforts to achieve perfection. 

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