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Premium CV (Commercial Vehicle) Brake Pads



Performance focused ensuring optimal heat transfer and high stopping power for the heaviest of vehicles in any climate.

Extreme pressure used to compress the brake pad friction material resulting in consistent performance.

Engineered to increase brake pad strength, stopping power, and lifespan.

Matching OE quality performance and reducing NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) for longer rides.

Premium Heavy-Duty Material

Positive Molding Technology

Wire-Drawing Backing Plate

 OE Formula 

Ecobrex Premium Commercial Vehicle (CV) Brake Pads deliver the best-in-class when it comes to safety, quality and braking comfort, as confirmed by numerous tests. A very high friction coefficient ensures consistent and improved braking power while high fade resistance guarantees maximum product life.


Ecobrex CV brake pads exceptional durability, unquestioned safety and greatly reduced wear to address the challenges commercial vehicles face, from light commercial to heavy-duty and 

off-highway vehicles, meeting and exceeding OE manufacturer requirements.